show notes for episode 2:

Anaïs Mitchell

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conversation recorded February 2018.

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Hadestown Tony Awards speeches:

Anaïs Mitchell - Best Original Score


Rachel Chavkin - Best Director


Tony Awards press: New Yorker, New York Times, LA Times, Huff Post.

Click here for details about Hadestown on Broadway.

Click here to read about the Orpheus & Eurydice myth.

theme songs:

Instrumental versions of “Turn the World Around” and “The Story of My Morals” by Bunk (included in playlist below)

artists mentioned throughout the conversation:

Dan Bern, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell, Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Dewey Redman

books mentioned throughout the conversation:

The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt

The Souls of Lambs by Don Mitchell

related videos:

Joni Mitchell - “Chelsea Morning”:


Jonathan Haidt - “Can A Divided America Heal?”:


Jonathan Haidt - “The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives”:


Billy Bragg performing Woody Guthrie’s “I Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore” at KEXP:


Billy Bragg’s cover of “Why We Build the Wall”:



Confirmation Bias

(as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica)

The tendency to process information by looking for, or interpreting, information that is consistent with one’s existing beliefs. This biased approach to decision making is largely unintentional and often results in ignoring inconsistent information. Existing beliefs can include one’s expectations in a given situation and predictions about a particular outcome. People are especially likely to process information to support their own beliefs when the issue is highly important or self-relevant.”


(All performed by Anaïs Mitchell unless noted // see playlist below // click the album links to support Anaïs and buy her music!)

“Way Down Hadestown” Hadestown

(featuring Justin VernonAni DiFranco and Ben Knox Miller)

“Why We Build The Wall” Hadestown

(featuring Greg Brown)

“If It’s True” Hadestown

(featuring Justin Vernon)

“Out of Pawn” from The Brightness

“Young Man in America” from Young Man in America

“Shepherd” from Young Man in America

“He Did” from Young Man in America

“I Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore” by Woody Guthrie

“Two Kids” from Hymns for the Exiled